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simple pleasures at simple prices

In Uncategorized on May 22, 2009 at 6:40 pm

Want to spoil yourself, but don’t have much cash? Check out these sweet products at affordable prices:

monkey-bay2Monkey Bay Wine (for those of-age folks): This divine beverage originated on the coast of New Zealand and continues to be produced there today. I’ve heard through the grapevine that it’s quite tasty but, more importantly, it’s super cheap — $10 a pop. This brand also makes other wine varieties including Sauvignon Blanc (white, with hints of grapefruit, kiwi and pineapple), Chardonnay (white, with hints of citrus and tropical fruit) and Rose (blush, with a hint of strawberry). For a couple fives, I’d say this one’s definitely worth it.

041756090068Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell: Love fondue, but don’t want to buy your own chocolate fountain? This stuff is the best alternative I’ve seen, for a great price — around $3 in any grocery store. You just microwave the chocolate bits right inside the container, and dip your fruits. Once the treats are placed in the refrigerator, the dip hardens like a shell. It makes for decadent chocolate-covered strawberries much cheaper than it would cost to buy them pre-made, and they taste just as delicious. For those of you that prefer white chocolate, Dolci Frutta offers a creamy white chocolate shell.

41jrdYRvHvL._SS400_Homemedics Hand-held Mini Massager: Relax those muscles with this cute, colorful massaging device for only $8.99 at! It may be small, but it packs some power. This particular version comes in 3 colors — green, blue and pink — and is equipped with gel-like pads for comfortable handling. The only problem with this massager is that you may need a partner to help reach trouble spots, but it works great for the price and offers a little on-the-go relief.